H5 Dashcam Firmware

How To Update Firmware:

1. Download the firmware(INNOVV H5.BRN ) and copy it to the root directory of the TF card.

2. Insert the TF card into the camera and turn it on, you can see the red light and green light blinking alternately.

Please wait for about 100 seconds, the update is completed when the power and the lights go off automatically.

( Caution: Please make sure that the battery is sufficient before inserting the TF card.The power can not be cut off when the red light and green light flashing alternately; The firmware will be deleted once updating is finished).


Download INNOVV H5 App from App Store and Play Store


Click the right side to download the manual


H5 Firmware Version:




1.The H5 is vibrating with the light indicator blinking slowly.

Please confirm the TF card is inserted properly, you are suggested to choose another card with higher standard.

2.The H5 Wi-Fi is not found.

Please check if the green light is blinking or not, and press the light indicator to activate the Wi-Fi.

3.I can’t access the App since I forget the password.

Power off the H5, press the light indicator until the red light is off after about 10 seconds blinking. The Wi-Fi password will be defaulted as 12345678.

4.The H5 is not powered on or turned off soon after power on.

1.Please confirm the battery is sufficient.

2.Please make sure the USB power supply is 5V/1A or higher.

3.Please check if the USB power supply is inserted properly or damaged. 

5.The charging light is off when you are charging.

1. Please check whether the charging USB cable is plugged in or damaged. 2. Please check whether the adapter power supply is working properly.

6.It takes quite a long time to charge the H5 battery.

1.You are suggested to choose a power supply with 5V/2A.

2.Please be sure the charging temperature is between 0℃-55℃.

3.Please charge the H5 by the original Type-C cable

7.There is no sound in the video recording

1. Please check whether the setting of the mobile H5 APP for the microphone is turned off or not; 2. Please check whether the microphone inlet is blocked.

8.The recording image is unclear

Please clean the lens surface with a special dust-free cloth.

9.The slow-motion video cannot be turned on

Please modify the video resolution settings on the APP, and the video resolutions that support slow-motion video are 2.7K 60P, 1080P 60P, 720P 60P.

10.Turn off the vibration prompt.

Please select off by enter the APP advanced settings.