K6 Dashcam Firmware

How To Update Firmware:

1. Copy the firmware (INNOVV K6.bin) to the root of TF card.*8GB and 32GB TF cards should be formatted into FAT32 in advance.

2. Insert the TF card in the DVR then turn on the camera by long pressing the button, the red light will flash at low light, stop pressing the button and wait for a few moments till the updating finishes, the K6 will automatically turn on after the updating, and the firmware in the card will be deleted as well.

(*Important: the power should not be cut off during this step)

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K6 Firmware Version:




1. Support for 28 frames video selection.

2. Adjust gravity trigger sensitivity.


1.The camera is shaking during riding, and the videos are jittery. 

Please check if the camera is parallel to the ground and confirm if the screws are tightened enough.

2. The DVR mount get loose even though the screws are tightened. 

Please add a silicon plate to strengthen the resistance between the bracket and handle bar.

3.The video is blurry.

Please check if the lenses are clean without any finger marks, dust or other smudges, and wipe the lenses with dust-free cloth.

4.The K6 can not be turned on, or shut down automatically.

Please check if the power supply is with DC 5V / 2A.

5. The K6 fails to record and the red light is flashing.

Please check if the TF card is inserted properly or select another TF card and try again.

6. The K6 Wi-Fi can not be found.

Please check whether the green light on the DVR is blinking or not, please press the button twice for a short time to activate the Wi-Fi if you find the green light is not on.

7. Forget the password of the INNOVV Wi-Fi.

Please reset the DVR to default setting. The default password is 12345678.

8. There is no audio in the video.

1. Please check if the microphone is off in the App settings. 2. Please check if the microphone input hole in the DVR is blocked or not.

9. Video frozen when it is played or downloaded in the App

1. The distance between your phone and the camera should be within 2m, and be sure there is no obstacle or interference sources around.

2. You are suggested to operate the App on a mainstream mobile phone to get a better experience.

10. What are the strips inside the package for?

You can use them to fix the cable on your bike, like in the image below: