N1 Pro Navigations- und Kamerasystem

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Die INNOVV H5 ist eine High-End-Helmkamera, die speziell für Motorradbegeisterte entwickelt wurde. Die Kamera kann Videos in 4K bei 30 FPS aufnehmen.

Dank seiner einzigartigen Anti-Shake- und Stabilisierungstechnologie ist der H5 ein ideales, leichtes Gerät für die Aufnahme von Videos, Fotos und Audio in einer Umgebung mit schnellen Bewegungen. Der DVR wird mit einem herausnehmbaren Akku geliefert, der durch das Netzteil ersetzt werden kann und so eine längere Laufzeit ermöglicht.
Aufnehmen ohne Angst vor Stromausfall


1. Maximale Auflösung 4K bei 30 FPS, bis zu 20 Megapixel für Bilder.
2. Anti-Shake durch EIS bietet eine stabilere Bildaufzeichnungsmöglichkeit.
3. Ausgestattet mit einem Helmmikrofon mit Wind-/Rauschunterdrückungstechnologie für eine klarere Audioaufnahme.
4. Die Lebensdauer des herausnehmbaren Akkus beträgt bis zu 5 Stunden und die alternative Stromversorgung bietet eine noch längere Aufnahmezeit.
5. Unterstützt TF-Karten mit bis zu 512 GB.
6. Die Wasserdichtigkeit des gesamten Systems beträgt IP65 und erfüllt damit die Anforderungen an Spritzwasser-, Wasser- und Staubschutz.
7. Kleiner DVR, der vielfältige und einfache Installationen ermöglicht.

Artikel im Paket

1 x DVR
1 x Batterie
1 x Netzteil
1 x Halterung für Helm
1 x USB-Kabel
1 x Rückhalterung.
1 x Handbuch

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INNOVV N1 Pro Navigation
Und Kamerasystem

N1 Pro ist ein neues Navigationssystem von INNOVV mit integriertem Carplay,
Android Auto, Armaturenbrettkamerasystem und Reifendrucküberwachung
(optional) für Motorradfahrer.

Integrate Apple CarPlay/
Android Auto With Your Bike

Easy-to-use systems and apps eliminate your worries.


Übertrifft alle Ihre Erwartungen: 5G WIFI, Bluetooth 5.2,
5,99-Zoll-Bildschirm, Dashcam, Reifendrucküberwachung (optional).


Sofortnachrichten empfangen (für iOS und Android)

Freihändiges Beantworten von Anrufen

Verbessern Sie Ihre Sicherheit auf Ihrer Reise

Ihr scharfer Begleiter für unterwegs Kamera
Mit Sony IMX307 Sensor

Wasserdichtigkeitsklasse IP67

Es definiert die Herausforderungen der Natur und stellt sicher, dass keine Wetterbedingungen seine Leistung beeinträchtigen können.

Reifendruck in Echtzeit
Überwachung (optional)

Behalten Sie die Reifendruckdaten im Auge und fahren Sie entspannter.

INNOVV N1 Pro Specifications


Model Model N1 Pro N1
Product Picture Product Picture N1 Pro N1
Retail Price Retail Price 458 398
Screen Size Screen Size 5.99 inches 5.5 inches
DVR Dimension DVR Dimension 160*85*28mm 150*85*22mm
Function Apple Carplay
Function Androird Auto
Function Sync with phone
Function Message Notice
Function Stream Online Songs
Function Phone Call Answering
Function GPS Navigation
Function Front and Rear Recording 1080P@30FPS 1080P@30FPS
Function Parking Monitor /
Function Real-time Video Viewing Front-view monitoring, Rear-view monitoring, Front-and-rear-view monitoring Front-view monitoring, Rear-view monitoring, Front-and-rear-view monitoring
Function Tire Pressure Monitoring Yes (TPM sensor optional) /
Dual Camera Specification Lens Sensor Sony IMX307 SONY IMX307
Dual Camera Specification Lens Structure Front: 120° 4G+1IR, Rear: 120° 4G+1IR Front: 120° 4G+1IR, Rear: 120° 4G+1IR
Dual Camera Specification Lens Dimensions Front: Dia 25*44mm, Rear: Dia 25*44mm Front: Dia 25*35mm, Rear: Dia 25*35mm
Dual Camera Specification Length of Camera Cable Front: 1.4 Meter/ 4.59 Feet, Rear: 3.9 Meter/ 12.80 Feet Front: 1.4 Meter/ 4.59 Feet, Rear: 3.9 Meter/ 12.80 Feet

Items In Package

1 * DVR and display
2 * 0.6 Meters extended cable
1* 2.5 Meters extended cable
1 * Instruction manual
1 * Power supply cable
3 * Accessory kit
1 * Tire pressure monitor (optional)

Installation Diagram

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Love the N1 Pro!!

The Innovv N1 Pro system was a real easy install on my 2016 BMW R1200GSA. No extra mounts needed. The screen mounts right to the OEM GPS bar with no issues using the supplied mount. The front camera is mounted to the left top side of the headlight using the supplied brackets and the rear camera I have double side taped under my 2x2 Cycles hitch. All the included wiring was long enough for what i did. Its easier on this bike to run the wiring down the left side of the bike as theres more open room compared to the right side.

Syncs with no issues. Its also real nice to be able to view the rear camera while riding. I can view either camera or both at the same time whenever i want.

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder

This N1 Pro is a great must have. I'd started to love it really fast.
It feels high quality from the device itself but also the mountings are well engineered and adding a quality plus to your bike!
Most used feature is the live rear view. This gives me a complete different safety feeling!
This is like a "Car Back mirror" on a Bike!
The smoothness and reaction time of the menu items and the CarPlay is much better than I've expected. Pairing the N1 Pro with the iPhone is easy, quick and the re-connection after device off/on is within less than 10 seconds when it brings up CarPlay to the screen.
I will recommend you to connect the yellow ignition wire to a line where it's not immediately switched off while releasing the key but keep some more seconds along with the light of your bike ( like BMW is doing the light off after 15 seconds delay).
Using the N1 Pro while riding adds such of a comfort!
This giant screen is great for gloves and using all of the functions while riding. Taking a call, seeing short info about messages comming in is a cool thing I've been missing for so long while using the iPhone with gloves can be tricky and even dangerous!

I'd with to have a menu setting for the default start screen option. To have Rear view cam on fullscreen at startup might be a great thing when exiting the parking space reverse.

The N1 Pro is, for me, a great investment in security, safety and comfort. Video Quality of Innovv's cam system is well known to be great. The giant screen adds so many options I've got immediately addicted to. I hae so many more ideas what all can be added to the N1 Pro ( CAN Bus for bike telemetrie, 3/4G internet for remote cam view, Alerting in case of parking damage, ans many more)

But here is my review in details....

The quality is really good!
It's good enough to have the recordings for a YouTube video or personal memories. Even on an accident file the video will be much better as needed to explain the case. Switching from sun to dark tunnels and back is working good. The sensor is fast and can adjust in a fast speed to the changing light conditions.
Mounting the two cameras is not such a big deal. 99% of the mounting options will be covered by the included options. The cable to the rear is really long and will fit to even the worst mountings. I'd wished to have also one more axe to the cam mounting 90° bracket part to cover some complicated bikes. On my BMW F750 GS I did not had any problems at all.
As I have only iPhone available, I can say that most useful apps are working great. Google Maps, Apple Maps, Calimoto are working great. Even Mixcloud for Music is doing well as long as Weather app (third party) showing Rain clouds on the trip. You can keep your phone stored in the pocket as the screen is covering everything you need!

Tire Pressure:
If you have no such option build in, I'd recommend to pick this option!
Pressure and temperature are showing up in the display and hence, giving the rider better information about the road conditions and a warning in case of a puncture!

Menu and Configuration:
The menu is fast and reacting in a good and almost smooth way.
I'd love to have some more options available such as to choose what to show on startup. Now it's switching to Carplay after detecting my phone. To be able to manually (or timer/counter based) select the rear view after startup would be a great option. I guess this can be delivered later as a software update.
The menu is, per now, limited to a few options. The rear cam view mirror option along with some other options did not switch back to the selected one after changing. I had to reset the device to get back the default. I hope these little SW bugs will fixed in the next software release.
iPhone APP:
There are several Apps from INNOVV, but none of them was able to connect to the N1Pro yet to let me download the videos from the SD Card. I hope we will have this option delivered soon. Again, this is software part and will improve with updates.

Packaging and Unboxing:
I've been quiet impressed by the packaging and the unboxing experience. Everything is well packed and prepared for a save travel around the world. The Manual sheet is a great balance of easy-to-use and enough info for professionals to install the N1 Pro.

With the mounting options, it will fit almost everywhere. My bike is already quiet good attached with two phone mounts, a small tank pack and wiring. Because of the Tank bag is was a bit tricky to find the best position for the N1 Pro, but this might be different on your bike. I will anyways recommend to mount the N1 Pro to the center of your handlebar.

I've mounted the N1 Pro to the right side of my Handlebar.
It's fitting perfectly, but I'd love to have an additional axe and a small bracket to shift it from center mount to horizontal shifted mount. With that, I'd been able to have a better angel to my riding position (problem is just caused of the Tank bag).


Ho recentemente installato il sistema di navigazione e telecamera INNOVV N1 Pro sulla mia moto, ed è una cosa fantastica! Innanzitutto, il suo touchscreen HD da 5,99" è chiaro anche in piena luce e la qualità video della doppia telecamera anteriore e posteriore è eccellente, in grado di catturare alcuni momenti fantastici del viaggio. L'intero sistema è facile da installare ed è impermeabile, quindi adatto a tutte le condizioni atmosferiche.