ThirdEYE BSD System (Watch Version)

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Features at a Glance:

✔ Wide field of view: 150° horizontal detection angle.
✔ High precision: The radar uses a 77Ghz sensor.
✔ Durable and flexible: It can provide stable performance in an environment of -40℃ to +80℃.
✔ Up to 64 targets: Detect 64 targets simultaneously within a maximum detection range of 50m.
✔ Easy to install: small and compact size.
✔ Protection level: IP67 level.

The INNOVV ThirdEYE is a motorcycle blind spot detection system that utilizes a 77-79GHz radar sensor to detect surrounding dynamic target vehicles.

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Motorcycle Blind Spot System

Your Road Safety Envoy

Day or night, INNOVV ThirdEYE effectively ensures road safety and protects you from potential threats.

Why Not Motorcycle Radar System?

Radar technology has found extensive use in the automotive industry, particularly in safety features. MMW radar, in particular, plays a crucial role in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), offering long-range detection and dynamic target detection capabilities. This system has proven to be highly beneficial for many motorcyclists. In August 2022, the Connected Motorcycle Consortium released a white paper that focused on improving ADAS systems to better detect motorcycles on the road. This highlights the need for a reliable radar system specifically designed for motorcycles. Motorcyclists deserve enhanced comfort and safety. Fortunately, INNOVV has been attentive to the needs of riders. After years of development and rigorous testing, the ThirdEYE, the new generation Radar system, has been proven to work flawlessly. It’s time for us to introduce this user-friendly detection system to the market.

INNOVV Radar System For
Motorcycle The ThirdEYE

Employing a millimeter wave radar with a frequency range 77-79 GHz, and combining the detected information with a software algorithm, the ThirdEYE can detect dynamic target vehicles from both sides of the motorcycle and the rear side, providing warnings with a visual alert and an audible warning in the dashboard.

150° Wide Angel & 50m Long distance

With sensitive detector and high frequency of update to pass real-time warning,
Third Eye remind the riders of avoiding the blind spot that is easy to be missed.

Cutting-Edge 77 Hz Sensor

The INNOVV ThirdEYE BSD System Equipped with a cutting-edge 77 Hz sensor,
this advanced sensor provides enhanced range resolution, allowing for more
precise measurements and a clearer understanding of the distance to
surrounding objects. Additionally, the faster measurement speed ensures
real-time updates, enabling riders to react swiftly to any changes in their environment.

3 in 1 Intelligent Riding Assistance Systems

Lane Change Assist &Blind Spot Detection & Rear Collision Warning

Warning Distance Farther Means Safer

24GHz Warning Distance Only 15m             77GHz Warning Distance 50m

Up To The 64 Detection Targets

Detecting 64 targets simultaneously in a 50m maximum detecting range
helps the driver get more time to react and respond to avoid the accident.

Durable And Flexible

High-end aluminum alloy case and high technology offer a stable
performance against harsh environments such as temperatures
from -40℃ to +80℃.


ThirdEYE can operate with powerful
performance in any weather condition,
whether it’s rain, snow, haze, or shine.

INNOVV ThirdEYE Specifications

Items in Package

1 x Radar Detector
1 x Watch Alert Display
1 x Manual
1 x Brackets Package

Installation Diagram

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

As someone who has been riding motorcycles for over a decade, I've always prioritized safety on the road. That's why I was intrigued when I came across the INNOVV ThirdEYE. After installing it on my bike last October and riding approximately 7000km with it, I can confidently say that it feels like an integral part of my bike.

The installation process was straightforward. The device's performance has been impeccable; it has warned me of vehicles that I hadn't noticed, which is a testament to its reliability.

The build quality is top-notch, and while the price point might be a bit steep, it's justified by the technology and the peace of mind it provides. It's not just a gadget; it's a vital safety feature that has become indispensable to my riding experience.

• Excellent build quality and durability

• Easy to install and integrate with existing bike setup

• Accurate and reliable alerts that enhance situational awareness

• Premium pricing, but reflective of the advanced technology and value it adds

Overall Rating: 4.8/5


It effectively maintains your awareness, especially when you're not constantly checking your side mirrors. The installation process was fairly straightforward. Although it may be considered somewhat expensive, I believe the overall value justifies the cost


I installed this motorcycle blind spot system on my motorbike. It seems to work really well so far. It easily detects vehicles in your blind spot. What surprises me even more is that it also does a good job of pouncing on weak signals when I'm travelling. This is a great convenience for my riding. The price is not bad and I recommend this product.


The radar watch is a lifesaver on the road, with accurate alerts and a sleek design. Sometimes the beeping can be a bit loud, but it's a small price for safety.


The ThirdEYE system seems like a valuable addition to your safety gear, particularly for night riding when visibility is reduced. Eliminating blind spots is crucial for motorcycle safety. I can intuitively know whether there is a car coming from behind through the left and right LED warning lights and speakers. It is a very practical product.