K5 Dashcam

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Features at a Glance:

✔ 4K Ultra HD & 1080P Full HD Recording
✔ Dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4G/ 5.0G) Supported
✔ Smart Remote Control & featured INNOVV App
✔ Stylish Appearance & IP67 Waterproof
✔ Industry-leading 5Hz GPS Receiver

The INNOVV K5 is a high-end dual-channel 4K+1080P dashcam system, featuring excellent recording performance.

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K5 Dashcam System

The INNOVV K5 is not just a mere motorcycle Dashcam,
it is a artware infused with the very essence of INNOVV’s design philosophy.

Built-in 5GHZ Wi-Fi

5Hz GPS /UV Luxury Coating

The INNOVV K5 motorcycle dashcam GPS module crafted with a UV curing process that
imbues its surface with a lustrous and radiant exterior.


With INNOVV’s GPS LOG function, you can enjoy the advantages of precise location tracking and speed monitoring, which can provide crucial evidence and context in the event of incidents or disputes. Additionally, it allows for route visualization, making it effortless to review and share your journeys with others.

AUTO-On/ Off Recording Technology

Automatically starts and stops recording based on the ignition status of your vehicle.
This eliminates the need for manual operation, ensuring that every moment on the road
is captured without any hassle.

Support Up To 512 GB

Unlocking limitless possibilities, the capacity of up to 512GB of memory empowers
you to capture every detail of your journey without the burden of memory constraints.

Parking Mode

INNOVV K5 Specifications

Dashcam Comparison

Cameras Lens 120° 6G Waterproof Front: 120° 7G Waterproof Rear: 120° 6G Waterproof Front: 120° 6G Waterproof Rear: 120° 6G Waterproof Front: 120° 6G+1IR Waterproof Rear: 120° 6G+1IR Waterproof
>Lens Dimensions Front:Dia 25*53.5mm Rear: Dia 25*53.5mm Front:72*48*25mm (DVR Intergrated) Rear:Dia 25*53.5mm Front: Dia 32*76 mm Rear: Dia 25*45mm Front: Dia 25*45mm Rear: Dia 25*45mm
Length of Video Cable Front: 1.5 Meter/ 4.92 Feet Rear: 2 Meter/ 6.56 Feet Front: Front lens DVR integrated Rear: 3 Meter/ 9.84 Feet Front: Front lens DVR integrated Rear: 3.4 Meter/11.15Feet (0.45M+2.5M+0.45M) Front: 1.5 Meter/ 4.92 Feet Rear: 2 Meter/ 6.56 Feet
CMOS Advantages Front : Sony STARVIS 291 Rear : Sony STARVIS 291 High Sensitivity Day and night balance Front: Sony STARVIS 415 4K, HDR, Outstanding Low-light Performance Rear: Sony STARVIS 291 WDR, Improved Visible Light and Near Infrared Sensitivity Front : Sony STARVIS 335 2K Day and night balance Rear:Sony STARVIS 307 Front : Sony STARVIS 335 2K Day and night balance Rear: Sony STARVIS 335 2K Day and night balance
Lens Case Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
DVR Dimensions Plastic Cover + Aluminum Base 80.5*56.3*15mm All Aluminum 72*48*25mm Aluminum + Plastic back shell Dia 32*76 mm Plastic Cover + Aluminum Base 81*56*25mm
Video Resolutions 1080p 30fps + 1080p 30fps 4K 30fps + 1080p 30fps 2K 30fps + 1080p 30fps 2K@30FPS+2K@30FPS
720p 60fps + 720p 60fps 4K 30fps + 720p 30fps 1080P 30fps + 1080p 30fps 1080P@30FPS+1080P@30FPS+EIS
2.7K 60fps + 1080p 30fps 1080P@60FPS+1080P@60FPS
2.7K 60fps + 720p 30fps
1080p 96fps + 1080p 30fps
1080p 96fps + 720p 60fps
720p 60fps + 720p 60fps
WiFi 2.4 GHz 2.4GHz / 5.8 GHz 2.4 GHz 2.4GHz / 5.8 GHz
Microphone External Mic (2.0 meter/ 6.56 Feet) External Mic (2.0 meter/ 6.56 Feet) Internal Mic External Mic (2.0 meter/ 6.56 Feet)
G Sensor Yes - Automatic Incident Detection Yes - Automatic Incident Detection Yes - Automatic Incident Detection Yes - Automatic Incident Detection
Parking Mode Yes Yes / Yes
Video Format TS or MP4 TS or MP4 MP4 MP4
IP 67 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile App Yes iOS 8.3 and above and Android 5.1 and above Yes iOS 8.3 and above and Android 5.1 and above Yes iOS 8.3 and above and Android 5.1 and above Yes iOS 8.3 and above and Android 5.1 and above
Data Interface Micro USB Micro USB USB Type C /
GPS 1HZ 5HZ / 10HZ
Power Supply DC Conveter DC Conveter DC Conveter / USB - MC Verssion USB - BC Verssion /
Micro SD Card (Max) 256GB 512GB 256GB 512GB
512GB (Default settings) / 20 Hours / 38.38 Hours
256GB (Default settings) 13.4 Hours 10 Hours 20 Hours 19.19 Hours
128GB (Default settings) 6.7 Hours 5 Hours 10 Hours 9.59 Hours
64GB (Default settings) 3.3 Hours 2.5 Hours 5 Hours 4.80 Hours
32GB (Default settings) 1.6 Hours 1.25 Hours 2.5 Hours 2.40 Hours

Items in Package

1 x Front Camera (Integrated with DVR)
1 x Rear Camera (3.0 meter long video cable)
1 x Remote Control
1 x GPS Module
1 x External Microphone
1 x 12V/5V Converter
1 x Rear Camera Mount
1 x DVR/Remote Control Mount
1 x User Guide
1 x Spare Part Package (3M double-sided tape, waterproof rings, and thumb screws)

Installation Diagram

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Karl Gala

The K5's night vision capability is remarkable, providing clear footage in low light conditions.
The video clarity, even at high speeds, is outstanding.
The loop recording feature ensures I never miss a moment.
The integrated GPS logs my routes accurately.
The waterproof rating of the K5 holds true, having withstood several downpours.
The audio capture is decent, though it picks up a bit of wind noise at higher speeds.


The K5's parking mode provides extra security for my bike when parked, just the sensitivity settings took some trial and error to get right.


So, I got this thing set up on my Yamaha MT07, right? Let me tell you, getting those cameras on bike and threading the wires through the bike are no joke – definitely the hardest part. But after that, it was a breeze. Hooking up the electrics was a bit of a head-scratcher, though. Had to do some digging and even chat with a mechanic at the dealership. Turns out, you just connect the positive and negative to the battery, tap the ACC wire into the headlight fuse, and boom, you're golden.

Now, the app for this gadget is pretty slick – I can tweak all the settings straight from my iPhone! Fired it up and everything worked like a charm on the first try. Been messing around with it, just for kicks. The camera quality's super sharp since they've used tougher metal. I was like, "Come on, really?" Other than the flimsy camera casing, my only beef is that you gotta plug it into a computer to update the firmware. No clue why they didn't make it work over Bluetooth, but hey, it is what it is.


This is the second camera I've installed on my BMW S1000RR and the K5 is by far the best I've had, it was very easy to install, it has an Ultra HD front 4k camera and takes excellent quality video. It works well in bad weather too. If you want a really reliable, high quality device, I recommend this one.


Impressed by the K5's high-quality footage and sound. A minor tweak: Longer wires from the DVR would be helpful.