H5 Helmet Camera System

The INNOVV H5 is a new line of cameras designed and built for helmets,capturing the scenery from the motorbike rider's perspective.


The entire ride was recorded by the INNOVV H5 Helmet Camera, and throughout the journey, it was subjected to harsh weather conditions, sand, and gravel. Despite these challenges, the H5 not only withstood them but also captured the entire ride brilliantly. Whether for short or long distances, the H5 is the ideal companion for you.

Rechargeable Battery

Portable Power Interface

Two Power Supply Options

The INNOVV H5 supports both battery and USB charging for an extended battery life. With the H5, you can record your journey effortlessly, whether it's a short or long distance trip.

Support Up To 512 GB

The H5 supports a memory capacity of up to 512GB, granting riders the freedom to record their journey for a full 24 hours at stunning 4K resolution. With this generous storage, riders can immerse themselves in the breathtaking scenery, knowing that their moments will remain unspoiled by automatic overwrites.

Long Battery Life

With its detachable battery design, the INNOVV H5 helmet camera sets itself apart. Equipped with a 2400mAh battery capacity, this device empowers you to capture 4K video for an impressive duration of 300 minutes.

Super Smooth (EIS) Technology

Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) technology employed by the INNOVV H5 helmet camera is a feature that ensures smooth and steady footage, even in moving conditions. By intelligently compensating for unwanted camera movements, such as shaking or vibrations, EIS provides a stable and distortion-free video recording experience.

IP65 Waterproof

The H5 boasts an IP65 waterproof design, making it impervious to harsh environments and providing protection against wind and rain.

Select Your Preferred Installation Location

The H5's bracket supports any mounting position, allowing you to install it on your helmet or motorcycle in any way you prefer.

A Specially Designed Camera Mount For The H5

The INNOVV H5 helmet camera is equipped with a 360° rotating mount, providing riders with camera angle adjustment. Additionally, the unique support design allows the H5 to enter and exit the mount with ease.

Vibration Warning System

With a distinctive vibration warning system, the H5 offers an incredible riding experience. This feature not only aids in recognizing your every operation while on the move but also ensures that any potential H5 malfunctions are promptly detected through gentle vibrations.

External Microphone

Experience the remarkable audio input system of the H5 helmet camera. With its cutting-edge external microphone, this device captures every moment of laughter on the road.

Easy-to-Connect Wi-Fi & User-Friendly APP

Experience the convenience of our customized H5 app, which allows you to effortlessly control your device. With the app, you can watch videos, download them, and easily share your cherished moments with friends and loved ones.