K6 Dashcam System

Infused with INNOVV design



Dual-Channel Camera: 2K Quad HD
1440P + 1080P

The INNOVV K6 dashcam features an impressive front-facing camera with a 2K Quad HD 1440P 30FPS resolution, providing sharper imaging compared to the 1080P camera. This ensures that every detail of your motorcycle adventure is captured clearly and precisely.

(Aluminium Case/ Anodizing)

The INNOVV K6 dashcam is a work of art. It was born in a combination of anodized and aluminum, with strong heat dissipation and a pure metallic texture.

Two Power Supply

The INNOVV K6 has a step-down module that gives you the option to power it with either USB or motorcycle batteries.

*Two power supply: USB & DC converter

Mini, Simple and User-Friendly
Installation Process

The INNOVV K6 ingeniously integrates the DVR into the compact front camera (80.5mm x 28mm), resulting in a mini-sized unit that is effortless to install. This innovative design eliminates the need for disassembling the motorcycle seat, providing a hassle-free installation process that saves time and effort.

3-Axis 360-Degree Rotation

The INNOVV K6 innovative lens mount, featuring a 3-axis 360-degree rotation, offers pioneering flexibility for capturing your motorcycle adventures. With this level of customization, you can achieve the perfect position and angle, ensuring an immersive and dynamic recording experience that is uniquely tailored to your preferences.

IP67 Waterproof Rating

INNOVV K6 dashcam carries an IP67 waterproof rating, with the ability to be fully submerged in 0.5 meters of water for 30 minutes, it defies nature's challenges, ensuring that no weather condition can hinder its performance.

Two Mounting Methods Are

Discover two distinct mounting methods that offer the flexibility to install the lens in the most suitable location and allow for adjustments.

Easy-to-Connect Wi-Fi & User-Friendly APP

Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and APP control. Effortlessly traverse the vast expanse of your dashcam footage, effortlessly accessing and managing it with a mere touch upon the screen of your mobile device.

Installation Reference

AUTO-On/ Off
Recording Technology

MP4/ TS Video
Format Supported

file (1)

120°Golden Angle

Loop Recording

Support Up To 256 GB
TF Card