K5 Dashcam System

The INNOVV K5 is not just a mere motorcycle Dashcam, it is a artware infused with the very essence of INNOVV's design philosophy.

4K UHD + 1080P Recording

The K5 introduces an innovative front camera with a Sony 8-megapixel sensor, capturing stunning 4K Ultra HD videos at 30 FPS. Additionally, the rear camera boasts a Sony sensor, ensuring sharp and vivid 1080P HD footage.


The INNOVV K5 featuring an all-metal body with an exquisite metallic texture. With the original diamond design by INNOVV's designers, the body is adorned with diamond lines, crafted to perfection using cutting-edge 6-axis CNC machining technology, resulting in a K5 that is nothing short of perfection.

5Hz GPS/ UV Luxury Coating

The INNOVV K5 motorcycle dashcam GPS module crafted with a UV curing process that imbues its surface with a lustrous and radiant exterior.

3-Axis 360-Degree Rotation

The INNOVV K5 innovative lens mount, featuring a 3-axis 360-degree rotation, offers pioneering flexibility for capturing your motorcycle adventures. With this level of customization, you can achieve the perfect position and angle, ensuring recording experience that is uniquely tailored to your preferences.

Remote Control Shine CD

The INNOVV K5motorcycle dashcam remote control design is a symphony of form and function, featuring CD-patterned buttons. The CD-shaped keys on the right benefit from a comfortable feel and can be easily operated even with gloves on.

AUTO-On/ Off Recording Technology

Automatically starts and stops recording based on the ignition status of your vehicle. This eliminates the need for manual operation, ensuring that every moment on the road is captured without any hassle.

Exclusive Custom Cable

The INNOVV K5 motorcycle dashcam harnessing the power of custom LVDS cables to guarantee video transmission stability. With our cutting-edge 92-sided shielding wire process, it achieves shielding performance, while its flexibility enables effortless installation in various locations throughout the vehicle.


With INNOVV's GPS LOG function, you can enjoy the advantages of precise location tracking and speed monitoring, which can provide crucial evidence and context in the event of incidents or disputes. Additionally, it allows for route visualization, making it effortless to review and share your journeys with others.

Dual-Channel Wi-Fi

Indulge in the seamless connection between your smartphone or tablet, and the illustrious INNOVV K5 motorcycle dashcam. With its dual band Wi-Fi (2.4Ghz / 5.8Ghz), this remarkable feature not only ensures swift transmission but also guarantees enhanced stability. Delight in the convenience of effortlessly viewing, downloading, and sharing your awe-inspiring escapades with your cherished companions, all through the remarkable INNOVV App.

Designed For Motorcycles

Designed specifically for motorcycles, the INNOVV K5 is easy to install and use, without impacting your driving experience

Support Up To 512 GB

Unlocking limitless possibilities, the capacity of up to 512GB of memory empowers you to capture every detail of your journey without the burden of memory constraints.


Listen To Your Motorcycle Roar

The INNOVV K5 motorcycle dashcam is equipped with an external microphone featuring advanced active noise reduction technology. With this feature, you can enjoy listening to the motorcycle's roar without being affected by surrounding noise.

Installation Reference

AUTO-On/ Off
Recording Technology


MP4/ TS Video
Format Supported

120°Golden Angle

Loop Recording

Support Up To 512 GB TF Card

Smart Remote Control

User-friendly App

Parking Monitor