K3 Dascam System

The INNOVV K3 Is A Vanguard In The Realm Of Dual-Channel 1080P Motorcycle Dashcam

Dual-Channel Camera with 1080P

The INNOVV K3 motorcycle dashcam boasts a dual-camera system, with each lens offering a wide field of view of 120 degrees. This ensures that every crucial detail is captured with precision, while the 1080P HD video records your daily riding.

Exclusive Custom Cable

The INNOVV K3 motorcycle dashcam harnessing the power of custom LVDS cables to guarantee video transmission stability. With our cutting-edge 92-sided shielding wire process, it achieves shielding performance, while its flexibility enables effortless installation in various locations throughout the vehicle.

Remote Control Design

Featuring CD-patterned buttons that delivers concise and intuitive commands at your fingertips. The CD-shaped keys on the right benefit from a comfortable feel and can be easily operated even with gloves on.

3-Axis 360-Degree Rotation

The INNOVV K3 motorcycle dashcam innovative lens mount, featuring a 3-axis 360-degree rotation, offers flexibility for capturing your motorcycle adventures. With this customization, you can achieve the your prefer position and angle, ensuring recording experience.

Unique GPS Module Design

The GPS module of the INNOVV K3 motorcycle dashcam utilizes the piano painting process, resulting in a bright and lustrous paint finish. This paint is not only easy to clean but also highly resistant to chipping and peeling. Moreover, the addition of UV coating on the outer layer of the paint enhances both the visual appeal and durability of the GPS module.

Aluminum Alloy + UV Painting

The INNOVV K3 motorcycle dash recorder's DVR has an aluminum alloy housing that undergoes a piano painting process, resulting in a bright and glossy paint finish. This paint is easy to clean and has strong resistance to fragmentation and spalling.

Designed For Motorcycles

Crafted with motorcycles in mind, the INNOVV K3 is effortless to install and operate, without any adverse effects on your driving experience.

Looping Recording

The INNOVV K3 supports loop recording, where older files are overwritten once the TF card is full. Simply use the INNOVV App to set your desired video loop duration and customize recording times settings.

120° Gold Angle

Gold Angle lens boasts an impressive 120-degree wide-angle view, capturing every precious moment of your ride with stunning clarity. Unlike lenses from other angles, its expansive field of view doesn't distort the image, ensuring that every snapshot is an accurate reflection of reality.

IP67 Waterproof

The cameras and DVR base of the INNOVV K3 motorcycle dashcam are made of aluminum alloys, combining durability with a lightweight essence. With an IP67 waterproof rating, it can be fully submerged in 0.5 meters of water for 30 minutes, ensuring that no weather condition can hinder its performance.

AUTO-On/ Off Recording Technology

Automatically starts and stops recording based on the ignition status of your vehicle. This eliminates the need for manual operation, ensuring that every moment on the road is captured without any hassle.

User-friendly APP

INNOVV Motorcycle Dashcam app - a user-friendly companion designed to enhance your riding experience. Experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with having full control of your dashcam right at your fingertips.

Installation Reference

AUTO-On/ Off
Recording Technology

Support Up To 256 GB
TF Card

MP4/ TS Video
Format Supported

file (1)

120° Gold Angle

Loop Recording

Wi-Fi Support

Smart Remote Control

Built-in G-Sensor

Parking Monitor