INNOVV N1 navigation & camera system

The N1 is the brand-new navigator system from INNOVV,
which has build in Carplay, Adroid Auto, and dashcam system for motorcyclist.

Bringing unmatched convenience,
safety, and efficiency to your riding

Three View Monitoring Modes

Front-view monitoring, Rear-view monitoring, Front-and-rear-view monitoring

Integrate Apple CarPlay/
Android Auto with Your Bike

Easy-to-use systems and apps eliminate your worries

Easily navigating

All-in-One Solution

Exceeding all your expectations:5G WIFI,Bluetooth 4.1, 5.5" Screen, Dashcam

Message Notifications

Receive instant messages (For iOS and Android)

Answer Calls Hands-Free

Enhance your journey with safer

Live Maps

Zero Update Costs! (Update Without Any Costs)
Explore the latest maps effortlessly

Your sharp companion on
the Road Camera With
Sony IMX307 Sensor

Parking Monitor

The N1 automatically monitors your motorcycle's
status when parked, recording videos from the
front and rear cameras if vibrations are detected.

24-hour parking

IP67 Waterproof Rating

it defies nature's challenges, ensuring that no weather condition can hinder its performance.

Parking Monitor