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Day or night, INNOVV ThirdEYE effectively ensures road safety and protects you from potential threats.

Why not Motorcycle Radar System?

Radar technology has found extensive use in the automotive industry, particularly in safety features. MMW radar, in particular, plays a crucial role in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), offering long-range detection and dynamic target detection capabilities. This system has proven to be highly beneficial for many motorcyclists.

In August 2022, the Connected Motorcycle Consortium released a white paper that focused on improving ADAS systems to better detect motorcycles on the road. This highlights the need for a reliable radar system specifically designed for motorcycles. Motorcyclists deserve enhanced comfort and safety.

Fortunately, INNOVV has been attentive to the needs of riders. After years of development and rigorous testing, the ThirdEYE, the new generation Radar system, has been proven to work flawlessly. It's time for us to introduce this user-friendly detection system to the market.

INNOVV Radar System for
Motorcycle The ThirdEYE

Employing a millimeter wave radar with a frequency range 77-79 GHz, and combining the detected information with a software algorithm, the ThirdEYE can detect dynamic target vehicles from both sides of the motorcycle and the rear side, providing warnings with a visual alert and an audible warning in the dashboard.

Cutting-Edge 77 Hz Sensor

The INNOVV ThirdEYE BSD System Equipped with a cutting-edge 77 Hz sensor, this advanced sensor provides enhanced range resolution, allowing for more precise measurements and a clearer understanding of the distance to surrounding objects. Additionally, the faster measurement speed ensures real-time updates, enabling riders to react swiftly to any changes in their environment.

24GHz System

Warning Distance Only 15m

Velocity Difference 60m

For Rider 0.75S Respond Time

Warning Distance Close

Easily Misinform

77GHz System

Warning Distance 50m

Velocity Difference 60m

For Rider 3S Respond Time

Warning Distance Far

Much More Safely

Warning Distance Farther Means Safer

24GHz Warning Distance Only 15m

77GHz Warning Distance 50m

The 150° Detection Angle

The 150-degree detection angle of a motorcycle radar detection system is a significant feature that enhances rider safety. This wide detection range ensures that riders are alerted to potential hazards in their surroundings and provides them with a comprehensive view of their environment. With this range of vision, riders can better anticipate potential risks and take necessary precautions to avoid accidents, making their journey safer and more enjoyable.

3 Schemes of Radar Operation

BSD (Blind Spot Detection System) mode: the detecting range of the BSD mode is from 0.2 m to 6 m.
LCA (Lane Change Assistance) mode is defaulted on and will detect targets in a range from 0.2 m to 50 m when TTC (Time to collision) is less than or equal to 3 seconds. 
RCW (Rear Collision Warning) mode is defaulted on and will detect targets in a range from 0.2 m to 50 m when TTC (Time to collision) is less than or equal to 3 seconds.

Up To The 64 Detect Targets

The INNOVV ThirdEYE BSD System has the capability to detect up to 64 targets within a range of 50 meters. This technology ensures that riders are well-informed about the presence of nearby vehicles, empowering them to navigate with heightened awareness and make informed decisions to ensure their safety.

Velocity difference
VS Warning Distance Chart

Velocity Difference


Velocity Difference


Warning Distance


Warning Mode





























*TTC: Time to Collision

TTC= 3 seconds

Warning Distance = TTC* Velocity difference

For example: Velocity difference=10 km/h, Warning distance =10000/3600*3



Velocity difference=60 km/h, Warning distance =60000/3600*3



Durable and flexible

The high-end aluminum alloy housing and advanced technology of the INNOVV ThirdEYE BSD system ensure stable performance even in harsh environments ranging from -40 °C to + 80 °C. Additionally, with an IP67 rating, this motorcycle radar detection system exhibits strong resistance to water and dust.


ThirdEYE can operate with powerful performance in any weather condition, whether it's rain, snow, haze, or shine.

Compact and Effortless Installation

The compact size of the INNOVV ThirdEYE BSD System enables it to fit perfectly in the desired location on the bike.

Installation Reference